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Intermediate Classrooms

Please use the below resources to guide your child's remote learning!  We are so excited to have provided some exciting materials!
Paper materials are available at school, parents will be able to drive through the alley for pick up.  
Pick up times for paper materials will be WEDNESDAYS from:   12:00pm-1:00pm   and   5:00pm-6:00pm
Also please check out our online shared folder: Remote Learning Parent Resources
We created this folder to help parents understand our technology, and in case you would like to print work at home!
Shortcut to UNIT 6 SLIDESHOW! SURVIVAL! 4/20/2020 this is an awesome resource made by the intermediate teachers so that the students can see us whenever they need to!  This is a resource they are expected to check weekly.
Here are the sample schedules from other parents as promised: Intermediate Sample Schedules from Parents


                                                   Modes of Communication

Hello Everyone,

As a school, we wanted to take some time to provide information and locations for communication, school logistics and routines.

We spend A LOT of time thinking about communication with you all and want to make sure it is as efficient as possible to mitigate any confusion or problems. This is very long, but please read it carefully so we can ensure TJS-Parent communication is as effective as possible.


(1) School Mobile App:  We now have an app that you can download on your iphone or android. Visit the app school and search ‘The Juniper School’. This tool will give you current information, calendars, notifications of events and important school announcements right at your fingertips!

(2) Weekly classroom newsletters:  We put all helpful information in one weekly newsletter from each classroom,  so you can stay updated on academics and the fun things happening in the classroom and at school. We understand that the academic portion of this newsletter/email may seem fairly vague but you can see an overview of the immense skills we focus on in a given week and activities we are working on.  Other avenues of getting academic information specific to your child are listed below. The weekly newsletter is sent electronically via email and posted on our website. Please request paper copies if you need that instead.

(3) Infinite Campus emails and texts: These are directly from the administration and have the information you need to know what is going on at the whole school level. If there is ever any confusion about information from your IC account, emailing Aruna is the best way to get questions answered. You can email her at  juniperfrontoffice@gmail.com.  Also, if you are thinking “what’s IC?!”...we probably do not have your correct email. Contact us immediately with an updated email.

(4) Friday Folders: This is where we send your child’s completed work back home for you to see what they chose or were asked to work on. However, please be mindful about what is being sent home because that reflects what your child is interested in, how much your child actually finished, and the skills being taught in class. Most of our work is done through hands-on learning with teacher observation...so please remember work found in FF is not comprehensive of ALL work from the week.  Friday folders also have additional information from our electives partners, information from administration, and additional activities in the community. Read, review, empty and return Friday Folders on every Monday.

(4) Class websites- Go to juniper.durangoschools.org and select “Classrooms”


(5) Morning welcome hour: We have a lot going on during our morning welcome hour but would love to chat with you about any quick concern/topic you might have.  During this time, we want the kids to have the choice and independence to choose a work that they like with the idea that some days classrooms have specific projects or activities that they are working on. Over the whole hour from 8:20-9:20am, activities and work focus on skills that students are working on in class. This is also the best time to see what your child is doing and help direct their learning to an area that you feel necessary. This is a parent/student directed time...so please ask them to show you their SLC (Student Learning Contract) and to share what they are working on and what they have mastered. Ask them to show you a work that they can do to demonstrate their academic growth.

(6) Email: We understand pressing concerns and want to address them as soon as possible. Please use this route of communication for your more lengthy concerns that may be best expressed through writing! ****** The emails that we have for families were given to us based on the information you filled out during registration. If you do not receive our emails or anyone in your family  wishes to be on our email list, please let us know directly.

(7) Meetings: The above being said...we are your partner in your child’s learning. Please do not hesitate to set a meeting time with us if you prefer. Teachers contracted work day is 7:45-3:45 pm Monday-Friday. Please reserve email concerns and meeting requests during these times and excluding holidays.

(8) Conferences: As a whole school we have 2 parent-teacher conferences for the school year: Fall and Spring. However, TJS school staff are always available to meet with you and your family whenever you have questions or a concern. Conferences are great time to talk about personal concerns or even just to check in on your child’s development. We love working with parents collaboratively to figure out what works best for everyone as a team. Please email us if you feel like a conference is something you would like, we are happy to accommodate this.

(8) The Juniper School Website: For school-wide information, upcoming events, calendars, forms, and school announcements...this is your place to visit! juniper.durangoschools.org


(1) Student Learning Contracts:  Your child’s SLC binders are located in each classroom.. They are fully accessible and always available. You can see which math Montessori lessons your child has been taught and which ones they have mastered, as well as other academic areas.  The SLC’s are accurate in reflecting the exact skills that we are targeting in each skill area. If you feel out of the loop on what we are covering, please look in these SLC binders! It is also welcome for parents to ask teachers questions in relation to SLC’s if students are unable to answer those questions. SLC’s look a bit different based on the age(s) of the classroom.

(2) Observation: During the morning welcome hour, your child has the opportunity to choose from independent work, activities and various works.  While a lot of our friends choose practical life we really try to create the inner questioning in your child for them to think “is this making my brain grow?” and “Am I being balanced?”. Watch what your child chooses and try to further push their reflective thinking to get them to work on the areas you find important. When your child is able to do something really well and easy, you can be assured that that skill is “mastered”. If you are observing and your child is struggling to remember the procedure or how to do it, that is an indicator of where they may need extra support.  If you ask your child what they should be doing and they aren’t quite sure, that may be an indication that they are working to understand our routines and making independent choices.