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2nd Grade Staff

Stacey Mock-  I come from a family of educators.  My grandmother and my mother were both teachers! I got my bachelor's degree in education at Wilmington College of Ohio with specialties in Language Arts, Reading, and Science.  Colorado's mountains have called me since I seasonally worked on, and managed, different ranches  from 2003 on; so I moved to Durango in the fall of 2012. I taught kindergarten through 2nd grade in a combined classroom at Columbine Christian School for three years, and absolutely loved the adventurous nature of the school.  I also taught K-8 computers, K-8 Art, and K-5 Wilderness Day at Columbine through 9-R Shared School for 3 years, in addition to being a tutor at Mumbling Marmot tutors.  I absolutely love how teaching is an occupation that keeps me constantly learning.  It is such a privilege to get the opportunity to have a positive impact on a child everyday.  I love when learning is fun and creative, and having opportunities to witness when something clicks for a child. I am so excited to be a part of Juniper School!
 Stacey Mock



Steffanie Schreiber

Ms. Steffanie


One of Steffanie Schreiber’s biggest adventures was moving her family of five to Durango from North Texas in summer 2016. Now she’s embarked on a new adventure—helping to build The Juniper School into La Plata County’s top performing school.


Mrs. Schreiber has dedicated her career to improving children’s educational experience by mentoring and encouraging teachers and educating students in a loving, academically-challenging environment.


“It’s a teacher’s role to teach children to think critically and to problem solve, along with tap into each child’s potential so they feel loved and accepted,” she says. “I enjoy creating opportunities for children to thrive and providing a stable, consistent loving place for them to learn and build character.”


Mrs. Schreiber has educated children of all ages, from preschoolers to high school students. Most recently, she acted as the Student Support Specialist at St. Columba School in Durango where she assessed students in kindergarten through 8th grade on their reading fluency and comprehension and provided appropriate and varied interventions.


She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Texas Christian University (TCU), and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education, also from TCU.


For Mrs. Schreiber, the most fulfilling part of being an educator is when a child realizes she/he can do something that seemed impossible. “I like teaching children that they can do difficult things—things they thought they couldn’t do,” she says.


Mrs. Schreiber believes parents can help their children excel in school by communicating with teachers and administrators and trusting that your child’s teacher has his/her best interests at heart.


“Have faith that we are advocating for, encouraging, and trying our best for every child in our care,” she says.