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What Makes Juniper Unique?

The Juniper School, located in Durango, CO is a free, public, charter elementary school. TJS provides a Montessori education with an authentic, diverse, and active learning environment for the children in our community.

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There is much information on Charter school funding in the above powerpoint,  but we continue to get questions on funding for The Juniper School and what this means for other area schools.  Here are the quick facts:
- TJS will receive PPR (per pupil revenue) as appointed by the state of Colorado and federal government, just like all other public schools.
-PPR "follows" students where they go,  so the misconception that charter schools take money from other schools is not accurate.  The schools only receive money based on student enrollment.  
- Mill Levy Funds.  In 2010, Durango residents voted in favor of a tax increase in order to support public schools that 1)have small class sizes 2)provide innovative programming and 3) provide technology. TJS is a public school that will need to demonstrate meeting all 3 criteria and qualify for the mill levy funds, which are filtered through the 9-R school district.  Here are some local articles on the Mill Levy Specifics from 2010:
                                                   Former 9-R Board President Explains 3A Mill Levy
                                             Durango Herald Article and Endorsement of 3A Mill Levy
                                                        9-R Superintendent Report on Vote for 3A
-State funding comes to schools around November and again in February of each school year.  In order to begin the inaugural school year for TJS,  we need funds at the start of staff contracts (July 1) through the end of November of our inaugural school year.  These funds will be comprised of grants, fundraising locally and state-wide, and donations. Building a financialy responsible and sustainable school are goals of TJS board of directors.