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Why Juniper?

Imagine a school where curiosity guides curriculum… a school that nurtures not only academic excellence but also social-emotional intellect… a school committed to celebrating and inspiring individuality, mindfulness and compassion in the children of our community. We are proud to tell you: we are that school! We are… Juniper.

The Juniper School was founded in 2017 by local educators and parents eager to create an academic experience that grows with each individual students’ goals and needs. We welcome students of all backgrounds and learning styles, celebrating any ability as a strength to be discovered and focused. As pioneers driven to reform the landscape of public education, our goal is to empower each student with the social-emotional tools and confidence necessary to communicate effectively, solve problems, and flourish into creative, caring citizens. 

Rooted in Montessori methods, our curriculum is shaped by mindfulness and restorative justice practices, encouraging self-motivated, dynamic learning experiences that reflect different cultures, ideas, languages, and worldviews. Every classroom is outfitted with natural materials inspired by the Montessori philosophy, providing authentic opportunities for students to practice skills relevant to their academic success and lives beyond the classroom. 

We work hard to make sure our students spend time each day exploring the natural laboratories surrounding campus, with an hour or more of recess, outdoor classroom experiences, and activities focused on learning about and discovering the natural world. With an emphasis on developing the whole child, our electives program introduces students to art and movement, with daily art and PE classes.

Juniper students thrive when faced with challenges, like the tree that our mission embodies. We believe our school values support their development into tomorrow’s game changers, generating positive change in our community and the world at large. Our vision is to cultivate creative, critical thinkers and compassionate hearts for a better tomorrow.

 Come grow with us!