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Lucy working on a computer, 5th grade
Bowl of feelings stones
Primary PE class with parachute and ball
Watercolor art work
Primary student rolling playdough counting balls
Third grade class circle
Fish crayon and watercolor art
Smiling 5th grader outside
Two girls at a table coloring and working on a project about respect.
Juniper kiddos in line looking super cute. The girl in the front is missing her front teeth.
Rocks that JUniper students painted with messages like
Juniper Primary class doing a Montessori work lesson with their teacher Jamie. They are learning math concepts.
Working in Pika
Working Hard In Pika!
Cowboy Parade!

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Immunizations and Exemptions

Colorado law requires all students attending Colorado schools and licensed child cares to be vaccinated against certain diseases unless they have a certificate of medical or nonmedical exemption on file. You must file a certificate of exemption at each school, or child care the student attends.
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News & Announcements

Approved through 8th grade

Juniper is officially an Elemiddle School! We are starting with 6th grade next year, and our 6th graders will be able to do 7th and 8th grade Juniper style!

4A Bond Update, January 2022

Currently just over 15% of the Bond funds have been committed, with 85% remaining.
Local participation remains strong, with 69% of funds allocated locally (including charter allocations).


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