The Juniper Mission
Our community grows the whole child by celebrating and inspiring
Academic rigor
Compassion for self, others, and the environment
The Juniper Vision
To Cultivate creative, critical thinkers and compassionate hearts for a better tomorrow. 
The Juniper School is actively seeking Board Members!
If you are interested in joining or aiding our non-profit or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].
Board Member Application
Our board welcomes all applicants interested in serving their community as an educational leader.  Our board adheres to the mission, vision and values of The Juniper School.  We are motivated by listening to our community needs and wants, by the opportunity to provide educational choice to families, and by striving to offer learning to all of the families in our community.  

To apply for The Juniper School Board of Directors, please fill out the questionnaire below.  We will follow up with an interview and a meeting of the rest of board.  We encourage you to attend a board meeting in order to gain insight into who we are and how our vision is put into action.  

Send all applications to PO Box 655, Durango, CO, 81302 or [email protected]