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We know you work hard to make sure your child has access to the best of education and adventure. You want to see them explore the world around them with confidence, mindful of their neighbors and prepared with the skills they need to communicate, create, and find success in academics and life beyond the classroom. That’s why we’re here: to help you and your family accomplish these goals.
In the midst of a nationwide financial crisis, school funding is greatly impacted in the coming year. We want to continue to provide the best possible technology for our students, as well as healthy lunch options, all-natural classroom materials, safe playgrounds, and the kind of curriculum that makes Juniper, Juniper – but we need your help. We are seeking engagement from our parent and community partners to achieve our mission to build an authentic, diverse, and active learning environment for our students, your children.
Thank you for making your pledge to The Juniper School!
Love your School? Then wear it on your sleeve...
... or on your head, shoulder or shirt!
Support TJS by purchasing Juniper Hats, tote bags, t-shirts, zip hoodies and pullover hoodies. These items are available for purchase as supplies allow. Email your order to agrenhart@tjsdurango.com.
To our Business Community Partners:
Like you, we value the myriad opportunities our community provides for children and share your vision to ensure our future game changers have access to the best of education and adventure. As a charter elementary school, Juniper offers free education to students K-5, cultivating a curriculum that encourages students to explore their world with confidence, mindful of their neighbors, and prepared with the skills they need to communicate, create, and find success in academics and life beyond the classroom. 
As you know, The Juniper School is a 501-C3 nonprofit that receives the standard Per Pupil Revenue delivered by the State of Colorado and the federal government. This allotment covers the cost of daily operations at 75% of those costs, but that leaves a remaining 25% operating cost gap that falls on our shoulders. 
We look forward to seeing what the future holds, and believe that, with your financial support, we’ll be outfitted to grow toward excellence. We’ve experienced the power of one small action and celebrate any donation, realizing that only together, We are Juniper.   
Thank you for your willingness to grow with us, and, as always, thank you for your partnership in equipping and inspiring the next generation of dreamers, leaders, and decision makers!