Take some time to check out our Juniper Students!

(1) Student Learning Contracts:  Your child’s SLC binders are located in each classroom.. They are fully accessible and always available. You can see which math Montessori lessons your child has been taught and which ones they have mastered, as well as other academic areas.  The SLC’s are accurate in reflecting the exact skills that we are targeting in each skill area. If you feel out of the loop on what we are covering, please look in these SLC binders! It is also welcome for parents to ask teachers questions in relation to SLC’s if students are unable to answer those questions. SLC’s look a bit different based on the age(s) of the classroom.

(2) Observation: During the morning welcome hour, your child has the opportunity to choose from independent work, activities and various works.  While a lot of our friends choose practical life we really try to create the inner questioning in your child for them to think “is this making my brain grow?” and “Am I being balanced?”. Watch what your child chooses and try to further push their reflective thinking to get them to work on the areas you find important. When your child is able to do something really well and easy, you can be assured that that skill is “mastered”. If you are observing and your child is struggling to remember the procedure or how to do it, that is an indicator of where they may need extra support.  If you ask your child what they should be doing and they aren’t quite sure, that may be an indication that they are working to understand our routines and making independent choices.