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Session 6 TJS Elective Remote learning guide

Dear Students and Families,

As we continue this unique remote learning experience, I hope that you all are finding some new and fun things to do at home. Finding things or activities you haven’t had the time to get to or learning and experiencing something new. Whatever it is I hope that you are enjoying yourself and your time with your family and loved ones.  During session 6, our last session of the school year, I want you to reflect on the electives that you have taken this school year. I would LOVE to hear your feedback! Here are the questions I would like you to answer for me: 

  1. What was your favorite elective? Why?
  2. What was your least favorite elective? What could make it more enjoyable for you? 
  3. Are there any elective courses that you would like to suggest for the coming years? 
  4. What's an elective you create and do from home? 

For you response, you can get it to me in a variety of ways:

  1. Write/Type it in an Email 
  2. Make a video 
  3. Hand write it and mail it to me (please contact me directly for address)

Send it to me at Agrenhart@tjsdurango.com  


Also, the yearbook committee is creating a few pages in the yearbook for “Remote Learning”. If you would like to have the chance of your remote learning taking place then send me over a photo of what it might look like for you along with your responses! This could be you riding your bike, doing some yard work, typing on your computer, painting a picture, using homemade Montessori materials, anything that demonstrates you doing some remote learning. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing everything that you have been up to!


Be well,

Mr. Andy

Office Hours:

9:30-11:30 Daily


I will be available to schedule a Google Hangout, Zoom meeting, or phone call with anyone that has questions or would like some guidance on elective content options


Resources: I have added a few new ones so please take a look through them all!


  • Ms. Emily has created a great source of ideas for you to do! (Attached) 



  • Darebee.com A free work out plan website with great workout programs, recipes, and health articles. 
  • PE with Joe Is a great Youtube channel that focuses on kids movement!
  • Kidshealth.org Provide Many different videos and articles for both adults and kids to learn about the human body. 
  • Yoga- Cosmic Yoga for Kids  https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga





More Movement Ideas

PE Central's LOG IT Program

Log It invites students, teachers, schools, classes, and parents to record their physical activity steps, miles, or kilometers online! Features include a virtual hike across the United States; feedback about daily goals; compare your progress to others; and you can view your weekly and monthly progress. Teachers must register their school and class first and then they can offer it to their students.

PE Central's Kids Quiz

The Kids Quiz is a daily online quiz which challenges kids under the age of 18 and tests their knowledge about nutrition, fitness, health, physical education, sports, and a host of other topics and trivia. Features include answering a question each day with the chance for both the students and the teacher at the school to win weekly prizes in a drawing. Come register now teachers so your kids can enjoy this fun and educational program.

Kid's Running Online (The K-12 Running Site) 

The Kid's Running site for kids is an excellent page for kids (and parents/teachers) who are interested in running. Not only can kids see photos, learn about kids running events, answer questions, they can also read stories about running that other kids have contributed. The site is maintained by Carol Goodrow who is a first grade classroom teacher in Connecticut.

NCAA Basketball Kids Site

The NCAA has launched a new basketball site geared toward middle school students and teachers.

Junior Links

JuniorLinks.com is a site built for kids, their parents, and the dedicated people who facilitate, coordinate and sponsor programs for junior golf and the future of the game. Check out their cool Golf Trivia Game! Lots of fun.


Aimed at youth ages 9 - 13, BAM! was created to answer kids' questions on health issues and recommend ways to make their bodies and minds healthier, tronger, and safer. BAM! also provides middle school health and science teachers with interactive activities that are educational and fun.


Kidnetic.com is a Web site that communicates healthy eating and active living information in meaningful and relevant ways to kids aged 9-12 and their families. Kidnetic.com is intended to encourage kids and their families to begin the process of behavior change toward healthy lifestyles. Kidnetic.com is the first component of ACTIVATE, a healthy eating and active living initiative. ACTIVATE is committed to promoting healthy family lifestyles to help prevent kids from becoming significantly overweight and to reduce their risk of suffering from obesity-related chronic diseases as adults.

Exploratorium: Sport Science

Learn how different sports really work from the scientific point of view. Included are baseball, surfing, skateboarding, etc. Lots of really cool stuff located at the Exploratorium Site. Have fun!

Powerful Bones, Powerful Girls

This colorful Centers for Disease Control site encourages young girls to take steps to promotes skeletal health. The site helps young girls understand the important contribution weight bearing physical activity makes to their health. Facts about bones and the importance of calcium to their development are given. There are interactive activities, such as a skeleton that shows the names of bones when the mouse is rolled over the words. Quizzes, interactive games, and relevant web sites are given to help girls learn the facts and test their ability to use the information to make informed decisions.


This site helps parents, children, and professionals find answers to commonly asked health questions. Topics include the benefits of different types of vitamins, the food pyramid, healthy children's recipes, how to read food labels, and keeping fit. Children can also submit their own questions. Check out the "Childhood Infections" section under "Parents" for information about appendicitis, meningitis, mumps, and more. For a good laugh, be sure to read the entry for that most common of all childhood afflictions, cooties. A great site but be patient this site may take a little longer to download.

Dole 5 a Day

Based on the popular Dole 5 a Day CD Rom, this Web site, appropriate for elementary age children, uses fruit and vegetable characters to help children learn about the importance of eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

Session 6 Elective Activity Plan

Families and Students,

As recommended last time, I am suggesting that each day of the week your student/s participate in an intentional physical movement activity for at least 30 minutes a day. This can be a walk, jumping on the trampoline, riding a bike, or exercise videos. I am providing many different options for a “30 day challenges” that you will be choosing to do. You are welcome to pick more than one to do, as some of them are a little easy and some are extremely difficult. You must pick at least one exercise one. Go to https://darebee.com/challenges.html to choose from the 100’s of challenges. Here are a couple tips for sticking to it 

  • Choose something that is going to be doable for you
  • Print it out if you can and hang it up somewhere where you see constantly (fridge, bathroom, hallway etc) I will print a few different ones off if you would just like to use those.
  • Set an alarm to complete the task daily
  • Commit to it with someone else in the house, hold each other accountable
  • Choose multiple if you’d like!

Here are a few suggestions for 30 day challenges:

1 minute Cardio

Wall Push Ups

Touch your toes

1 Minute Yoga

During this last session of at home electives, I want you to try to incorporate our habit of the heart (Adventurous) and concept (Survival) while creating your own elective schedule. Along with the 30 day challenge and additional movement, I am suggesting that you create a schedule that has 1 art project, 1 House project or daily house improvement, and 1 Create your own elective. Doing something different each day. 

Art- Create an art piece that shows what “adventure” means to you. This could be a painting, 3D object using recycled materials, drawing, an outdoor structure, drawing in the dirt, sewing project, or any other creative idea of how you could show what adventure means to you!

House Care- For this at home elective you could use suggestions from your parents/guardians or you could come up with it on your own. BUT PLEASE CLEAR IT WITH THEM BEFORE YOU START. This could like a millions different ways, some ideas are: learn how to mow the grass, watering the grass or flowers, sweep the kitchen every other day, clean out a toy closet, wash your dog, put away the dishes when they are clean each time, vacuum the carpets, wash and fold laundry, paint a bedroom (again with permission), clean the windows, help cook dinner, or walk the dog on a schedule. Each house is different, but I want you to do something that helps take care of your home and the people or animals that are living in it.  

Create your Own Elective- This electives can also look very different for everyone! Choose something that you have wanted to learn or complete for some time, again using parent recommendations is always suggested. This should be something that will take you time to learn or to complete and it may even take a lifetime to perfect but that's OK!  Here is a list of some different ideas: learn to sing a song, learn a dance (solo or with a family member), create your own song or music, build an instrument, learn to wheelie on your bike, learn to handstand or cartwheel, learn a new language (resources below), baking a cake or other recipes, make some cards to send out every other day, learn to juggle, read a book series (you can read or do audio books), and the list could go on and on! I am happy to help identify sources for learning if you are stumped on how to learn something so PLEASE reachout if you need help or more ideas!

Here are some questions your child should be asking themselves during this time:

  1. What is my focus for the activity?
  2. What have I achieved during this time?
  3. What do I want to do next time or tomorrow?
  4. Was there any unexpected learning that happened during this activity? 

You can create a journal to have them record the answers to these questions or just have a discussion with them about it.  

I would also LOVE to hear of some of the creative and fun ways you all are staying active. Take a picture, make a video, write an email but let me know what cool things you are doing! 

TJS Electives



Our mission is clear in everything we do...especially in our innovative electives model. We believe that TJS students should have choice in how they grow in Art, Movement and Music. This choice should be free through their public school.  This choice begins with exposure to a variety of competencies in those areas which we strive to achieve with our electives program.


We are offering 6 sessions, throughout the school year, of 5-6 week long elective courses.  Over the course of the year each student will have the opportunity to participate in a diverse selection of Art, Movement, and Music electives. During each session students will participate in 4 different elective courses, each course being taught for 1 hour per week.


Our goal is to provide high-quality, effective, authentic and diverse courses taught by TJS staff and professionals of their respected fields in the community. We believe that education and knowing yourself as a learner includes the arts and movement.  The intention is to expose TJS students to their talents and areas of interest that they may not know they have and to create a life-long love for these areas of interest.



Are you passionate about a particular content area and would like to provide some instruction for our students? We are always open for new courses in the arts, music, movement, language, technology etc. Please contact Andy Grenhart our Electives Coordinator to express your interest!


Contact: Andy Grenhart M.Ed. at 970-764-4185 or agrenhart@tjsdurango.com