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TJS Elective Remote learning guide

Dear Students and Families,

I am hoping you are finding some relief in the provided content from all of us at The Juniper School. We want all of you to know that we are here for you, to help support in any way we can, so please let us know what it is you might need.  Many of the learning opportunities that we provide for your kids at school can certainly be recreated at home, including electives! I am providing some resources for your students and you to utilize while you're learning remotely. In the suggested daily schedule that we have created, for you to use if you would like, there is a 1.5 hour time slot for electives subjects.  I am suggesting that you are dedicating at least 30 minutes, daily, to some sort of intentional physical movement. This will help both you and your student to maintain a healthy mind and body.  The other hour I am suggesting your student make the choice of how they would like to use that time. I have attached a few different resources for you to check out and I am happy to provide more if you feel like you would like something different, just let me know. During this time I hope that you are all finding ways to stay busy, learning something new and taking advantage of the time you have with families.  As some of you know I have recently become a father to a wonderful boy, Oliver Lee. I am loving spending this special time with him and my wife. However I am certainly missing all of the beautiful faces walking in the door each morning. As detailed below, please do not hesitate to reach out on anything electives related or even if your kiddo just wants to have a zoom meeting me I am happy to schedule that. Be well. 

Office Hours:

9:30-11:30 M-F


I will be available to schedule a Google Hangout, Zoom meeting, or phone call with anyone that has questions or would like some guidance on elective content options

Here is a brief list of ideas of activities that you can do with your students that support extended learning out of a purely academic realm:

  • Build a fort
  • Take an online museum tour (click>) Digital Museum Tour List
  • Take a walk/run with a family member and dog
  • Ride your bike up and down the street
  • Sketch something from outside
  • Have a dance party
  • Do a puzzle or make a puzzle
  • Create an obstacle course
  • Make a play or recreate a scene from a movie
  • Make music video
  • Do some yard work
  • Learn how to change a bike tire
  • Create your own work out
  • Play a board game or card game
  • Play hide and seek



  • Ms. Emily has created a great source of ideas for you to do! (Below)


  • Darebee.com A free work out plan website with great workout programs, recipes, and health articles. I am attaching about 8 workouts you can do with your kids with no equipment needed!
  • PE with Joe Is a great Youtube channel that focuses on kids movement!
  • Kidshealth.org Provide Many different videos and articles or both adults and kids to learn about the human body. 
  • Yoga- Cosmic Yoga for Kids  https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga



***Yearbook 2019/2020

I am looking for about 10 Upper elementary students to help create the yearbook for us. This design uses an online platform that can be accessed by anyone with a computer and internet. If your child is interested in this please have them email me before Friday 3/27. I will create a time to have a zoom meeting with all that are involved to walk them through the design program and create a login for them.

Elective Activity Plan

Families and Students,

As mentioned in the remote learning guide, I am suggesting that each day of the week your student/s participate in an intentional physical movement activity for at least 30 minutes a day. The rest of the suggested elective time, 1.5 hours total, would be up to your student to choose to do something in the arts, movement, music, language or any other sort of activity that provides additional learning experiences for them.  These activities do not have to be academic or have major outcomes but they do need to be something where the students are being creative, active, fun, and enjoyable. Here are some questions your child should be asking themselves during this time:

  1. What is my focus for the activity?
  2. What have I achieved during this time?
  3. What do I want to do next time or tomorrow?
  4. Was there any unexpected learning that happened during this activity? 

You can create a journal to have them record the answers to these questions or just have a discussion with them about it.  

I would also LOVE to hear of some of the creative and fun ways you all are staying active. Take a picture, make a video, write an email but let me know what cool things you are doing! 

Be Well,

Andy Grenhart


TJS Electives



Our mission is clear in everything we do...especially in our innovative electives model. We believe that TJS students should have choice in how they grow in Art, Movement and Music. This choice should be free through their public school.  This choice begins with exposure to a variety of competencies in those areas which we strive to achieve with our electives program.


We are offering 6 sessions, throughout the school year, of 5-6 week long elective courses.  Over the course of the year each student will have the opportunity to participate in a diverse selection of Art, Movement, and Music electives. During each session students will participate in 4 different elective courses, each course being taught for 1 hour per week.


Our goal is to provide high-quality, effective, authentic and diverse courses taught by TJS staff and professionals of their respected fields in the community. We believe that education and knowing yourself as a learner includes the arts and movement.  The intention is to expose TJS students to their talents and areas of interest that they may not know they have and to create a life-long love for these areas of interest.



Are you passionate about a particular content area and would like to provide some instruction for our students? We are always open for new courses in the arts, music, movement, language, technology etc. Please contact Andy Grenhart our Electives Coordinator to express your interest!


Contact: Andy Grenhart M.Ed. at 970-764-4185 or agrenhart@tjsdurango.com