Our mission is clear in everything we do...especially in our innovative electives model. We believe that TJS students should have choice in how they grow in Art, Movement and Music. This choice should be free through their public school.  This choice begins with exposure to a variety of competencies in those areas which we strive to achieve with our electives program.

We are offering 6 sessions, throughout the school year, of 5-6 week long elective courses.  Over the course of the year each student will have the opportunity to participate in a diverse selection of Art, Movement, and Music electives. During each session students will participate in 4 different elective courses, each course being taught for 1 hour per week.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, effective, authentic and diverse courses taught by TJS staff and professionals of their respected fields in the community. We believe that education and knowing yourself as a learner includes the arts and movement.  The intention is to expose TJS students to their talents and areas of interest that they may not know they have and to create a life-long love for these areas of interest.


Movement and Health

Go to Kidshealth.org 

Click on the “For Kids” Tab

Click on “How the body works”

Explore a new part of the body each day! There are movies, articles, quizzes, activities and word finds with each one. 


www.kids-sewing-projects.com  Is a fantastic website that offers many different lessons on sewing! Sign up for the newsletter by clicking the “Free Sewing Ebook” at the top right of the page. You will receive many lessons, videos and ideas about sewing. 


Manna Soup Kitchen had merged with the Garden Project. They are providing Garden education for us.  Please go to their Youtube and watch one lesson per week. https://www.youtube.com/user/MannaSoupKitchen/featured  

They have 6 total so you can watch an extra one if you’d like! 

Campus Care

For this course the students will be doing a variety of different things that help take care of our school campus, inside and out.  We will begin by helping pick up the campus from trash that has not found a trash can, putting up signs for everyone to help take care of our school and clean up after themselves. Next students will create their own way they would like to help take care of the school. This could look like writing thank you letters to teachers or school staff, making signs of and decorations around the school, painting the outside awning poles to make the outdoors more appealing or something that I haven't even thought of!  Since you are not at school, think of a way to help improve your house or neighborhood. This could be taking on an additional chore around the house, writing thank you letters to your parents or caregivers, making a video about the reason why you love living where you live, helping out a neighbor with their yard work or chores, the list could go on. I would like you to do something that means something to you! Once you have done it then write a reflection on it


Make your own instrument! With this online guide they will direct you on how you can make a variety of instruments with household items. Some of them might require you to purchase something but don’t feel like you have to, just choose another instrument that you can make with what you have. Make your instrument and enjoy!


This website allows you to make ALL sorts of rhythms and beats. Create a song and make your own lyrics. 



Are you passionate about a particular content area and would like to provide some instruction for our students? We are always open for new courses in the arts, music, movement, language, technology etc. Please contact Andy Grenhart our Electives Coordinator to express your interest!


Contact: Andy Grenhart M.Ed. at 970-764-4185 or [email protected]