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TJS Electives



Our mission is clear in everything we do...especially in our innovative electives model. We believe that TJS students should have choice in how they grow in Art, Movement and Music. This choice should be free through their public school.  This choice begins with exposure to a variety of competencies in those areas which we strive to achieve with our electives program.


We are offering 6 sessions, throughout the school year, of 5-6 week long elective courses.  Over the course of the year each student will have the opportunity to participate in a diverse selection of Art, Movement, and Music electives. During each session students will participate in 4 different elective courses, each course being taught for 1 hour per week.


Our goal is to provide high-quality, effective, authentic and diverse courses taught by TJS staff and professionals of their respected fields in the community. We believe that education and knowing yourself as a learner includes the arts and movement.  The intention is to expose TJS students to their talents and areas of interest that they may not know they have and to create a life-long love for these areas of interest.






Session 2: 10/15-11/12


Here is a brief description of the electives that students will be participating in during session 2. Please note that not all K-5 students will be participating in each elective as some courses are only for particular grade levels.


Art with Emily Land

Students will understand how to communicate emotional highs and lows through creative expression while utilizing color relationships, incorporating art history, and maintaining responsibility and communication in the classroom among their peers, teachers, and materials. 


Music at Stillwater

Orff Approach: music and moment in a play based environment

Singing: songs, wound and partners songs sun in unison and in multi-pat harmony

Ukulele: melody, chords and singing in the context of learning popular songs




Students will learn and refine a variety of locomotor movements. This course will focus on many different body movements that are involved in athletic as well as allowing the students to participate in a variety of team games and physical activities.


Jungle Gym

Classes will focus on strength training, obstacle course skills and movement training.


Computers 101

Students will learn computer care, basic operation, typing skills, media literacy and searching, and explore Google apps (docs, slides, sheets, and more)


Theater with Ashley Hein 

Theatrical arts is a great way to learn how to express yourself, tell a good story, and have fun. In this class, we will learn some basic theater skills and terms (stage direction, voice projection, body control, etc). We will use our imagination and creativity as we dabble in improvisation, memorization, and theater games. Our class will culminate in a talent showcase.


Personal Health

Students will explore ways to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Topics of focus will be nutrition, basic body anatomy (muscular and skeletal systems), and fitness. Lessons will be taught in the classroom setting paired with physical activities outside/gym.






Have you been interested in working at The Juniper as an Elective instructor? If you have, we encourage you to take the time to fill out the letter of intent to participate(Below). 


Please contact: Andy Grenhart at 970-764-4185 or agrenhart@tjsdurango.com